Bespoke Ink Solutions And Consulting

Printing ink offered as a service with fully bespoke configuration, mixing stations, technical advise and state-of-the-art equipment guaranteeing higher productivity, lower maintenance time, hassle-free highest quality results.

We adjust to you and give you inks which are a most solid foundation for your success.

Sustainable Innovations In Packaging

Water-based inks for film, aluminium and for lamination? Look no further, we drive the unbelievable revolution of a solvent-free flexible packaging production floor!

Wait no longer, this marvellous innovation is ready for you to try anytime.

International Printing Approvals

Hire us to pass your jobs anywhere in the world. With decades of experience and deep knowledge of both prepress and printing technologies we will make sure your print is like you want it to be.

We will also gladly assist your employees while they travel to pass jobs into countries they are not familiar with – an unique personal concierge service with a free true technical assistance.

Technical Assistance

Is your machine underperforming? Do you feel it could do better or be a bit more sustainable? Would you like to do an upgrade or service it but it went out of support or it’s manufacturer doesn’t exist or care anymore?

Leave it to us and we will make you an audit and give you a proper advise, maybe even do some hands-on work on the spot! With more then 4 decades of hands-on involvement in the industry, we are not afraid of any machine or system in a printing facility – we have seen them all.

Have you ever thought of a water-based sustainable ink for flexible packaging and lamination? Contact Us