Business Development

We build and run businesses, manage both real and virtual offices, facilitate business meetings, travels and negotiations, dig market data, create strategies and then bring them to life.

We do the same with brands on every scale – both domestically and internationally, bring products to markets, industries and to the attention of the major store chains.

Business Management

Are you looking for a plug-in manager? Look no further, we offer both short- and long-term business management and business consulting.

We can also facilitate independent external audit of you business to help you get the out-of-the-box view and shape your own strategies.


Unique blend of knowledge from the best European universities, international business experience, multicultural background, non-violent communication (NVC) principles and solid core values gives us the cutting edge in business facilitation – hire us and we will make sure the job is done. And we will do it in style!

All our experience is shaped in the most unique sets of circumstances – where most of people say impossible, we just sit down and look for new ways. That’s how we understand facilitation and we will be more then happy to give you a helping hand, even if you already feel that you’ve tried everything

Unfortunately, managers are not invincible, if in emergency – hire a plug-in manager! Contact Us